About Us

Aculco Radio is an independent community media outlet. We are specialised in international youth media projects with a strong and innovative community focus. Our motivation is to produce high quality media community projects where young people are given not only the opportunity to learn skills in various digital formats but also the chance of discussing important and relevant issues to their lives and society in intelligent and challenging ways.

It began broadcasting over five years ago thanks to a grant given by the London Metropolitan Police. It is a public access, media training radio station with programmes made by volunteers, educators, academics and radio enthusiasts. We have two web pages (one in Spanish and one in English) and as a community media outlet Aculco Radio specialises in cultural and media training projects particularly with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, ethnic minorities, ex-offenders and NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Emplyment). We design projects where content and personal development are as important as the technical skills they learn.

In a relatively short period of time Aculco Radio has established excellent working relations with the representatives of Lambeth and Southwork boroughs; with the former we have developed projects with Lambeth Youth Council and we the latter we completed a YiA project with the documentary Southwark Spaces. We also have relationships with the London Metropolitan Police (we are part of the Iberoamerican Working Group of the Metropolitan Police) and the British Transport Police.

Press releases

Carlos Paul Acoustic Concert

An acoustic evening at the legendary  Bolivar Hall featuring the best songs of the award-winning Ecuadorian artist Carlos Paul, who will be... read more

Press Release • 20.08.2014 • By Aculco Media